Verification & Installation of Cathodic Protection System

The installation and the good operation of a cathodic protection system protect your investments against corrosion, extend the service life of your equipments and preserve the environment in respect with the actual regulations in force. 

Techno Protection offers a wide variety of services in regards with cathodic protection including intervention phases before, during and after your projects.  In cooperation with our engineering department we can provide all preliminary actions for a specific design as required by our clients for the structure to be protected. 

We can take charge of all steps for the installation of cathodic protection systems by offering to perform the work as a manufacturer or distributor of the necessary protection material either on a turnkey basis or according to your specific requirements

Finally, as part of a mandate of verification for cathodic protection system our experienced technical crews will evaluate the good operation, adjust the operating parameters to obtain the protection criterias and/or extend the service life of the systems.  Furthermore, they will determine the rehabilitation requirements according to the new conditions or wear out of the existing systems.

Should you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact our Service Department.