Potential Readings of Reinforced Concrete Structure

Corrosion of reinforced concrete structures is the most important cause of concrete deterioration representing 90% of the repairs.  In the Province of Quebec more than anyhwere else, bridges, overpass and multi level parking garages are regularly affected by the freeze-thaw cycles, de-icing salts and abrasives.  This is why within the infrastructures atleast one of the rolling surfaces that is off the ground is subject to a periodic verification and maintenance.

The Régie du Bâtiment du Québec reminds all owners that they are responsible to assure the safety of their buildings and maintenance of their properties.  It is therefore important to verify the state of the reinforced concrete structure of their buildings on a regular basis. 

Once a year, the owner must proceed with a visual verification of the parking garage.  His observations must be recorded in an annual check list accompanied with dated photographs.  The information to be recorded on the check list are listed in addenda #1 of the Safety code of the Building Trade (French).

Download the file of annual audit of parkings [PDF, 199 ko] (French).

Techno Protection who specializes in the investigation of the reinforced concrete structures offers the owners to perform a potential reading of their multi level parking garages in accordance with the ASTM C-876 standard « Half-Cell Potentiel of Uncoated Steel in Concrete ».

This well known method applied by the Quebec Ministry of Transportation (QMT) allows to present in a chart and drawing form the areas that have been sounded with respect to the appropriate color code for the level of potentials of steel structures.

The report following this method of auscultation gives the owner or the responsible professional the possibility to issue a certificate confirming the conformity of the structure, to inform the owner on the stage of deterioration of the concrete structures and to set the priorities for the surfaces to be repaired due to the corrosion phenomena.Potential Readings of Reinforced Concrete Structure