ECDA - Direct External Corrosion Direct Assessment

While the worldwide demand for renewable and non-renewable energy keeps increasing the continuous economy of underground structures becomes a major stake.

In this respect, Techno Protection can provide a variety of services in regards with external corrosion direct assessment  (ECDA).

The process of this method consists in four steps as follows: 

  1. Pre-evaluation
  2. Indirect inspection
  3. Direct inspection
  4. Post-evaluation

It is then possible to estimate precisely the extent of coating defects, evaluate the corrosion activity and the performance of the existing cathodic protection systems.   

This investigation technique for which the method is clearly defined in the NACE standard RP0502-2002 allows the prediction of sensitive areas where the corrosion activity is ongoing and where it could occur.  

The ECDA can improve the security of the installations and of the personnel by foreseeing futur breaks therefore in savings of repairs and production interruptions.  Our specialized equipments for the application of this method allows recording and analysing the datas collected in order to provide proactive methods to cope with the corrosion phenomena.

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